AKG K912E trådlösa hörlurar för 289 kr - Webhallen Hemmabio
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Hittades av för 6år sedan Nu 318 kr

AKG K912E är ett par trådlösa hörlurar med sändare och mottagare. Kostar just nu 289 kronor + frakt istället för 390 kronor.

AKG K912E trådlösa hörlurar för 289 kr

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Wonderful, Kath.  And yes, this kind of serendipity is wonderful when it happens.  I've spent many happy hours browsing around Hay--and in our local independent bookshop, The Old Hall, which has both new and secondhand books.  I buy books anoh-ya-secyndwand 'finds' are always the icing on the cake. And how lovely that Hélène's books have found their way to you. A happy chance...or was it a chance at all? (I've been thinking about 'Wasted too much....)
# 823 - 2016-05-12 03:10:52
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